1. Mayuri Patel says

    The vibrant red colour of the water surely would tempt anyone to drink the detox water. Lovely idea. Love all your detox drinks.
    Priya I have started a group ONLY BAKES. Please feel free to post your baked goodies.

  2. Martin says

    Hi priya… this sounds great… is it useful for men as well… love to eat beetroot… so was wondering of it will help men as well

  3. Hinaikram says

    Waaaoo very interesting detox water.
    I’ll try it bt I’m allergic with lemon.
    Can I make it with out lemon ???

  4. JesseA says

    Very informative; thanks for sharing this recipe. I love to use it in my kitchen as well as for my haircare. I will definitely go to try this curry leave detox water. I will also add your blog to my list.
    Keep posting great stuff.


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